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Top 5 myths debunked about investing in a business website

There are many, many reasons why you should have a business website. Yet no matter how long we’ve been doing this, we get the same responses from business owners left and right apposing just having a great website for their business. We don’t completely understand why a business wouldn’t want a website, or why a business thinks their circa 1999 website is doing them any justice. We’ve compiled a list of the top excuses we’ve heard in the past.

Do any of these sound family, maybe something you’ve said to a website designers in the past?

business website myths

My business is all referral, I don’t need a website

Congratulations on running a successful business without need for investment in marketing, or new clients. This is a great place to be in, and many business owners (myself included) wish that they can sustain their business (and grow) with just referrals.

However, what happens when an existing client or referral goes to someone else and stops using your services? A simple business website is a billboard for your company, so it can be the catalyst to bringing on new long term customers.

You also need to think about the future of your business. A 100% referral business is not sustainable long term. Every successful business we’ve seen that has grown from referrals has had to at some point or another invest in marketing themselves, and there is no better place to market a business website today, than online.

My business cannot handle new customers

This is another great predicament to be in. Your business just has too much work, and you fear that a website could bring in more work and tip you over into “too much work”.

As much as I’d love to market the contrary, a business website isn’t the field of dreams anymore. Having a website is a great billboard and a way for people to find you, if they are looking for you specifically. However since the Internet has become so accessible, and people with almost 0 engineering skills can now create websites, a new website is less than a needle in a haystack without marketing.

Be up front about your timeline on your website and on any sales calls. Why not have clients lined up for after your current work load decreases? Have a new customer coming in from your website, let them know how long it will be till you can get to them. We have to do this all the time as we get busier, we need to let clients know that while we can work with them, it may take a week to get to their project, and no one complains about that.

Still not convinced? If you are so busy that you are at capacity, it is a great time to start testing the waters on how much you charge. If your business website starts bringing in new work that you can’t get to right away, let them know the timeline and increase your price. Eventually you may see people responding to your new higher price, and that becomes your new price, meaning you are marking more money but not working any harder (or even potentially LESS hard).

My Customers don’t search online for my services

We have met many skilled trades people (machinist, woodworkers, etc.) who have claimed this to be the case. They have a foster of clients that they deal with, none of them go online to find them.

If you really feel that your clients aren’t going online to find services like yours, or not going online at all, you are mistaken. The Internet is something almost everyone in the world is on, daily. Whether people are searching for your business directly, maybe not, but for every viable business there is someone out there looking for them. No matter what you do, services you offer, etc. People are going to search, or need your services, and a website may help you get your name in front of them.

There is no such thing as a customer base / demographic that doesn’t go online.

Our current business website is fine

So you have a current website that you aren’t doing anything with because “all you know is that you need to have one”. Well how much traffic is the website getting, is it mobile responsive? Is it secure? Does your business have a website design that looks like it is from the 90’s?

Hate to say it, but have a bad website is almost worse than not having one at all. Having a bad website leads people to assume that you don’t care about your business. Think of it in a more personal sense. If you needed to meet with a potential new customer, are you going to wear clean clothes? Yes, you are, because you want to look presentable for a customer coming in and wanting to pay you. So having a bad website is just like that, except not wearing clean clothes, it is 1 extra hurdle the customer has to get through before deciding to even contact you about paying you.

There is another big reason that a bad website can hurt your business, and that is by the power of search engines and social media. Did you know that your non-responsive website will rank lower in Google because it is not responsive? How about security, your website without https will rank lower because it is not secure. Social Media is another place your business will suffer. Sad as it is, people love to complain, and will take to the Internet and post negative things in a heartbeat before posting something nice. When they come across your bad website, don’t give them anything to complain about, that will only hurt your business in the long run.

I can’t afford a website

Finally we come to the biggest objection we’ve heard from a business needing a website, and that is the affordability of it. Going to be 100% honest with you, you’re right, not everyone can afford our WordPress website design and development, but we aren’t the cheapest out there. While $2,000 is a great price for a new customized business website, you may not feel you can afford that.

Start calling it what it is, an investment

One of my biggest pet-peeves of this objection is that as a business owner, you are turning away an investment that will grow your business. Stop calling a business website a “cost” and start calling it what it really is, an investment. If you believe in your business, you should believe that a good website with some marketing will only help it grow.

ROI is very important and having a website is the foundation of so many other potential investment opportunities for your business. Why spend money on marketing your business anywhere at all, if you don’t have a website people came come to and learn more about what you offer?

Want to make sure that you are getting some ROI from your website investment? Make sure you are spending your money wisely when it comes to your business website. That includes putting a budget together, and spending it on both a website and marketing. There are many companies that offer both, like our Starter Business Website Bundle, which gives you both a business website & marketing for 1 low monthly price.


  1. Bridget Willard on January 4, 2018 at 9:20 pm

    What businesses also forget is that people use the Internet to validate. Meaning, if I meet a plumber and he hands me his card, I’m going to search for him. I’ll find his website (or not) and read Yelp Reviews and more. Honestly, I have a hard time trusting people who don’t have a social footprint.

  2. Joseph Dickson on January 5, 2018 at 7:10 pm

    “My business is all referral, I don’t need a website” is my personal favorite. My response is simple. How many times a day does your or one of your employees answer the following questions over the phone?

    1. Where are you located and how do I get there?
    2. What are your hours?
    3. Do you provide this service, or serve my geographical location?
    4. Can I get your address, fax number, email address?
    5. What’s your policy on …?

    I asked this of a friend who works for a small three person company and they said at least 20 times a day. I then asked, wouldn’t it be great if your customers had a website to visit before calling?

    Even if the website serves as a FAQ page it has the potentional to save hours of labor every week taking calls. So if that employee is paid $20 an hour but spends 5 hours every week answering the phone that’s $4,800 a year potentially wasted on providing basic information.

    Personally, if I can’t find this sort of information as a client or customer I rarely take the time to call. I move on to one of their competitors.

  3. Tim C on January 7, 2018 at 1:09 am

    Thanks for a great article! There is something else for entrepreneurs and small business owners to think about. That’s trust. When you’re just starting it might be just you working out of your house, or your garage like I did! After about a couple of years in, I had some steady customers for computer repair and upgrades and did OK as a side job. I learned how to make a website (think I hacked some static html templates together) and launched my site. Suddenly I went from ‘that guy that works out of his garage’ to a bonafide company. When a customer (potential or current) sees your site, they see that as someone in it for the long haul, a company or service that will be around for a while. Being able to answer from a real email like tim@xyzcompany.com instead of vettelvr69@yahoo.com increased that trust level as they saw you as a business rather than an individual. I was actually able to charge a better rate as a result. And as Joseph pointed out above, everyone needs to know your address, phone, hours of operation, etc. What better place to get those things than your website. A site isn’t a want, it is a need.

  4. John Locke on February 23, 2018 at 3:32 am

    Something that I’ve learned is that you can’t convert small business owners that come up with objections like this. They don’t think they need a website at all, and it’s not worth your time to try and convert them.

    Your best bet is to look at verticals and businesses that actually have decent websites already. These types of businesses are already trying to be competitive, and are more likely to invest in a new or upgraded website.