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Top 5 crucial things on a good cosmetic surgeon website

Having a website for your cosmetic surgery practice is very important. A website can help you get new patients into the door of your practice, and make them feel reassured with your services. While most of the main reasons to have a business website apply to your cosmetic surgery practice as well, there are some things to consider when building a website for your practice.

Cosmetic Surgeon Website

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is not something to be taken lightly, with lots of penalties coming your way if you do not follow the strict guidelines set in place. Your website is not any different. If you want your website to interact with your clients in almost any way, you must make sure that it is HIPAA compliant.

Having your website help your clients is a great way to add value to your practice. Let clients pay their bills, view and schedule appointments, etc. online. We love helping cosmetic surgeons offer these kind of services to their patients, however you have to be very careful in how you manage the patient data.

If you are not using ARC CTRL to build your plastic surgeon practice website, then one of the main things you should look out for his SSL does your website require (and validate) with https:// or is it only http:// (notice the ‘s’). If it is not https then chances are you are not going to have a HIPAA compliant website. SSL’s are also important because Google ranks those with SSL higher, and even though you may not be taking any information, most consumers know that the https knows it is going to be more secure.

Consistent Branding

Consistent branding is very important for any business. One of the main problems we see with current websites for medical professionals is that the branding for the doctor is not consistent across the site. Anything from color scheme changes to general branding changes. Keep it consistent and keep it simple.

For example in our cosmetic surgeon practice demo website, we have a specific branding around smiling. Across the site we use that as a branding and call to action pitch to let people know that they are in good hands, that they are the top priority. Consistent branding may help any potential patient feel more reassured about coming in for that first visit.

Unique Images

Another thing we notice a lot with existing plastic surgeon websites that we work with, is that the images are clearly stock photography that has not been updated, and worse we see them on multiple different doctor websites. This may not be an issue if the images on your site happen to show up on a site with a doctor on the other side of the country. But right here in Los Angeles you will find multiple cosmetic surgeons that have websites with the same exact photos.

At ARC CTRL we like to look at these small things, and while it may not matter to every single patient or visitor to your website,  but it will matter to enough that it should be a priority of yours with your website.

If you don’t have images, any website development team should be able to recommend or hire someone themselves that can help take quality photos of your office. As far as before & after or patient pictures, these would also be good, but make sure that you get consent.

Easy to Contact

Having a website is crucial for any business, but for a Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon practice, the competition is high. We have seen quite a few websites that don’t show a clear way to make contact. No contact page, no easy to find phone number, etc. You want to have a mix, if not a contact form everywhere so that anyone can contact you in their preferred method. Having a phone number is great, but we have noticed more people prefer to make the first contact via a form. It is not just important to have a form on your website, but make sure that someone is willing to answer the request within 1 business day.

Making it easy to contact your practice adds another level of reassurance to any potential patient, as they want to know they can get a hold of their doctor.

An Offer

Finally, an offer. An offer doesn’t have to be much, but it should help push the potential client to make that first contact with your practice. In our demo website, we used “Free Consultation” around the website to make sure as people were browsing they knew they could at least get more information on the work they want to have done, at no cost. Many doctors use this method, and it works well.

Some other offers may include a free item, free service (when paying for another service), or even just a discount to add to your great value. An offer can push anyone visiting your website into making that first contact.

BONUS: Online Presence

For the bonus, an online presence is crucial for any cosmetic surgeon website, or brand. The website should have clear links to any social media, or even Yelp to help the potential patient get a better understanding and more reassurance about you and your services. Social media marketing is a great way to take your existing practice and have it grow as it allows you to get to know more people that live and interact with you online. Do you have a Twitter? or are you active of Facebook? If not, you should be, this is where many people get their information nowadays, and they want to feel like their doctor will care about them and their needs.

ARC CTRL wants to help you grow your cosmetic surgery practice and we offer a bundle that is catered just for your profession which includes a website that tackles all of the points made above, as well as social media marketing to help you GROW your practice. Get a FREE QUOTE today, and let us show you how we can help you grow your practice.