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Why WordPress is right for your Small Business Website

Today there are many options when you need a new or redesigned small business website from SquareSpace to WIX, WordPress isn’t the only easy to manage website tool anymore. However, it is still the best option for many reasons, so lets look at why your small business should be using WordPress.

Small Business WordPress

You want to own your content

WordPress is a CMS or content management system. It was built originally as a blog tool, but evolved quickly into a a website CMS. With over 13 years as the leader in the industry, it is no wonder so many people use WordPress to create their new small business website.

Content is important for any website, but if you want people to visit your site and pay for your goods & services, they have to feel like they know what you offer, and that they are going to get a good value. Content on your website is going to help you do that, and grow.

Content is also important and plays a key role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without publishing a piece of content at least once a week, Google will think your website is stale, so it is important to keep it up to date with something fresh and new on a regular basis. The great thing about WordPress is that once you create all your content, it is yours to keep! Unlike some of the other services out there, building a WordPress site means that your content is yours, and you don’t have to worry about a start up Internet company going bust and losing all of your content and SEO credibility. With WordPress it is even easy to create a backup of all of your content so you cane easily have it on hand in the event you need to migrate the site to another hosting provider.

Content also helps with Social Media, nothing gets a conversation going faster than posting an article and sharing it with the people that follow you. This allows them to share it with their friends, and ultimately helps you get more visitors and potential business to your website.

You care about extendability and growing your business

WordPress is built as an open source tool for anyone to work on. For someone who knows the code, they can develop custom WordPress plugins, custom themes, and even turn your WordPress website into a phone app. While “open source” still has some stigma within certain realms, it is a very good thing for you and your small business.

With the extendability of WordPress you can take your business needs now and have a fully functional website for your potential customers to find, hire, and/or pay you for goods & services. However as your business grows the needs of your website may change. You may start as a brick & mortar store only, but then realize that having an online shop where people can order online is important. With WordPress there are a few plugins that can add a whole e-commerce shop to your website. Have another needs as your business grows? WordPress is easy to build on top of, and so any custom need can be met with either existing plugins or creation of a custom bespoke WordPress plugin for your business.

You want to focus on what you love doing, not learning code

Having a small business means that you are able to do what you are passionate about. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, there isn’t a likely chance you will succeed at it. If you do not know how to code, or don’t want to learn, why bother?

There are many talented WordPress consultants that can help you build a website. As easy as the competitors are, that is still time that you are not spending growing your business, doing things you love to do. There are many more reasons to hire an expert, but ultimately hiring one will assure you have the right website for your business objectives. Let someone else focus on building that for you, while you focus on what you want to do to meet those same objectives.

If you are a small business and you need a new website, want to redesign your website, or just want to grow your small business. We have a small business bundle that can help you grow. Let us know what your small business objectives are, and we’ll help you achieve them!