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How to best advertise your WordPress business website

Running a business means you need leads and customers. That is how your business makes money, turns a profit, and pays your bills. Now that you have a business website, how do you get those people to call, visit, or contact you? Advertising is a great way to get people in the door and to put strategic marketing initiatives in place that allow the people you want to sell to, to learn about your business offering.

Business Website Advertising

Business Website Advertising

There are many marketing tactics for your business website, however if you want to drive traffic to your site fast, it is going to have to be through advertising. Advertising is not necessarily a lost cause, besides creating leads once you have it nailed down, it is a great way to just gather data. Not sure exactly what is your ideal demographic, or want to change your demographic? Use advertising to get people onto your site, check which ones are converting, and alter to meet your business objectives.

For example if you just want to get sales on your website through a shop, you may want to offer some FREE items, this is common in the drop shipping world as a way to get people to a site and for businesses to turn a profit on the shipping. It is called FREE + Shipping, and it is pretty common, I’m sure you’ve seen at least 1 instance of this online. This method tactic works really well for some demographics, you can bring people into your site, sell them on the FREE item, and then show them what else you have to offer, hoping they purchase other products. While effective (very effective if done right), it is a numbers / quantity game. You have to make sure you are selling a lot of an item to turn a profit. On the other hand, if you want to sell high end items, having a FREE + Shipping offer won’t work, it’ll cheapen your website and you may steer actual potential business away.

Facebook Business Advertising

Facebook is a huge social media platform. When I say it is huge, I mean HUGE. Why is Facebook so great? Advertising. Facebook has “Facebook Business” which allows you to crate performance-based campaigns that you can target to your ideal demographic based on interests, behaviors, and many other qualities.

For example if you are targeting your product or service to females between the ages of 30-55, you can set that as your demographic and only have your ad appear in front of that subset of individuals on Facebook. Want to dive in further? Facebook allows you to only target people who like certain pages, have certain tendencies, or even just behaviors. You can start out large with a 1-2 million potential reach, and with as little as $5/day start seeing results and fine tuning to the point you are advertising to 500,000 targeted people who you know are most likely going to buy your products or services.

Since Facebook owns Instagram, your Facebook ad (should you choose) will also appear in front of people viewing Instagram that match the same set of criteria you have selected. You can also advertise exclusively with Instagram, using the Facebook Business Manager.

The cost of Facebook advertising really depends, but is primarily impression based. Meaning that if your ad is displayed to someone, most likely you will have to pay. The nice thing about Facebook campaign is that if you have your pixel set up right, Facebook can fine tune who sees your ad based on how many conversions you have received. Conversions can be anything from a webpage visit to a checkout, depending if the pixel is setup properly.

Google AdWords

Everyone knows about Google AdWords or Google PPC (pay per click). It has been around for just about as long as Google, and has been a great way to jump start traffic to any new business website. Advertising on Google is a little different. On Facebook your ad appears in front of a demographic of people based on age, gender, and interests. On Google you are placing your ad in front of people who have searched for specific keywords and keyword phrases that may match your business.

For example if you are a plumber, you can find keywords as simple as plumber or as complex as single family home copper re-piping, while the first one will have a lot more search volume, the second will be more specific and will yield better results since its very specific. There are other tips & tricks to Google Adwords, which I’ll cover in another article.

Google AdWords is primarily PPC or pay per click. So while you may have 100’s of impressions (people who have seen your ad) you won’t pay till someone actually clicks. This is beneficial because you can get your name out there and have people see your name without it costing you anything, and you only pay when someone enters your website. From there it is up to you and your website to be convincing enough to make the sale, whether that be an actual sale or just using a contact form.

How much you spend on Google Adwords is really up to you, but every keyword has its own competition, so going after plumber may sound enticing ’cause of all the search volume, keep in mind that many other plumbers will also want to advertise for that keyword, so it will cost more. Finding not “long tail” keyword phrases will help keep costs down, and usually convert even better.

Since Google owns YouTube, any video advertising you run on Google through their ad network, will also run on YouTube, which is a nice way to get in front of people who might be searching for similar things and opt to learn about businesses through video. While this is great for YouTube, it can be quite frustrating for the content creators. For example The WP Crowd’s videos on YouTube will constantly have ads for WIX or SquareSpace because of the similar topics (websites).

The last thing I want to point out about Google AdWords, is that it is a great way to jumpstart your SEO research. Not sure exactly what keywords will help you convert your site? If you combine AdWords with a smart SEO campaign, you can eventually rank your site up for the keywords that people are actually searching and converting for. Example being the single family home copper re-piping. If you see that keyword phrase bring in a lot of traffic and conversions, start working on the SEO for it, and eventually you’ll be able to either have both an ad AND free organic spot on the top page, or you can turn of PPC all together to bring down your marketing costs.

Other Popular Ways

There are many other ways to advertise a business website which I’m not going into today, but will in the future:

  • Directly advertising on related blogger & other websites
  • Traditional physical advertising – mailers & billboards
  • Radio & Television advertising

I did not mention Social Media Marketing because it is something that should be done in tangent with any advertising efforts. As people start to come to your business website and learn about your business offerings, they may go to social media sources for reviews, to ask you questions, etc. Social media sites have become the new way of vetting anything, specifically businesses.

If you need help with advertising, social media marketing, or just getting your business website up, let us know and we can get you a FREE PROPOSAL.



  1. Robert on January 11, 2018 at 7:40 pm

    “they may go to social media” should be changed to “they WILL go to social media”, because all customers have social media of some sort (FB, IG, Twitter, etc) and use it daily, so watching the brands they’re spending money is pretty ingrained by now.

    It’s why social media marketing from a professional like Bridget is so important, because when your time is spent elsewhere on your business, you will know your social profiles are all up to date and engaging – and when done right, they’re also bringing in new customers.

    • Bridget Willard on January 16, 2018 at 1:15 am

      Wow, Robert. Thank you. I appreciate that sentiment and agree.

      Paid advertising and organic social is a great pair for any budget and it’s how Jason Knill and I grew GiveWP.com, frankly.