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Why do I need to pay for maintenance of my business website?

A lot of small business owners think that building a business website is the end of our story together. However the Internet is not the field of dreams, and software is constantly evolving. So we get the question a lot when offering our small business bundle to a new client, Why do we even need business website maintenance?

Business Website maintenance

Business Website Security

One of the most important things you can do for your business is to have an identity, and to hold onto that identity without letting someone else tarnish it. That isn’t a website or Internet thing, that is just business reputation. You want to make sure that your are appealing to your clients with your image and that image does not change unless you need it to. The problem is that the Internet is unfortunately a place where many hackers and other things (like bots) thrive, and they don’t care about your brand identity.

Part of any good website maintenance plan whether through us or someone like WP Site Care is that security of your site is top priority. While hacks occur from time to time, it is about making sure it is not easy to hack into your business website, and that when it does happen, it is fixed as soon as possible.

One of the precautions we take is that we are constantly monitoring and checking for future security vulnerabilities. Preventative security is the best, so knowing what needs to be removed or changed before it becomes an issue is crucial.

Updates & Patches

This ties into Security as most of the updates and patches we put into place for any web based software is going to be to fix security flaws. Updating software happens on your computer all the time, and sometimes you don’t even know as it happens overnight. The Internet is not different, and software being used to power your business website will need to have updates. Updates aren’t always to fix security holes in logic, sometimes new holes come up that were not there before, especially as new features get added.

New features are another great reason to make sure your software is up to date. An update can change how you run your business website, how you manage the content, or how something works fundamentally. While change is never easy when you have a well oiled machine, it may improve it. When WordPress, the CMS we choose and love gets a major update usually besides fixing any security fixes, it also includes new features that were being worked on. These features can be new text editor advancements or the ability to do something new with your business website.

With a service like ours after we launch your new business website, we make sure that all updates happen as soon as possible. Checking for updates daily is a good way to make sure that no piece of software is left outdated for too long.


Backups tie into everything, almost every bad scenario can be fixed with going to a backup. Backups are highly important for any business website, especially those with high traffic volumes or e-commerce. Backups are the way that your business becomes whole again very quickly when something does happen.

Your website get hacked? While we put every security measure in place, it happens, however with a good backup system in place, your business website can be back up and running in no time. This gives us ample time to find any security risks and flaws, and fix them before the hack happens again.

Updates are great, however when you have a website that gets a very high volume of traffic or sales, you want to make sure your website is always 100% functional at all times. Updates are not guaranteed every time to not alter the way your business website looks, feels, or even works. While having a staging environment is great to test all updates before pushing to production (something we do), sometimes something goes unchecked or unseen. Backups are a great way to roll back your software to a previous version so that further testing can be done once a bug is found.

Peace of Mind

Ultimately having an ongoing plan with us after working on a project is going to give you peace of mind. While we offer marketing and other ongoing small business bundles to help you grow your profits, this allows us to stand by our work and make sure the website is always working at apex levels for your business.

We know you have a business to run and grow, let us worry about the technical side and the web so that you can focus on growing your business.


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  1. Colin Crawford on February 6, 2018 at 1:16 pm

    I add free SSL certificates to all my websites and extra security measures. They get updated as soon as an update is available then they get backed up.