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Roy Sivan has been developing WordPress websites since 1999. He started at an early age with a passion for computers and moved into the web realm. He spent almost a decade working on SEO techniques and campaigns helping clients achieve top rankings before switching to become a full time developer.

Currently Roy specializes in WordPress and JavaScript focused projects at The Walt Disney Company. He is also a contributor to many open source projects, including some of his own. All open source can be found on his GitHub profile page (github.com/royboy789). Roy’s goal with any development project is to make sure the code is clean, modular, and optimized. Before starting on any code Roy makes sure that the business goals are going to be achieved with the functionality being added.

As Roy’s background includes marketing, business, and development, he is able to help your business by asking the right questions, challenging businesses to rethink what they think they need in order to optimize conversions or achieving their business goals. Roy is quick to ask why something may be needed and thinks of new solutions (even if they are more affordable) that can help achieve the same business goals.

The final goal for any project is to make sure that those who are going to use the new functionality are able to without any extensive learning curves. Having built websites for a wide range of tech savvy (and none) individuals, making a website or piece of functionality easy to work with is a key step Roy takes prior to deploying the new functionality.




Designers & Developers

Bridget Willard

Bridget Willard is a marketing consultant and educator with a passion to help small businesses. She began in construction, and worked in franchise development, nonprofits, and tech. She is known for her brand building for Riggins Construction, Paul Davis, and GiveWP.

She is the co-host of WPblab, a show on the WPwatercooler network, co-organizer of Women Who WP Meetup, and Marketing Team Rep for Make WordPress.

She writes about social media and WordPress on her site at bridgetwillard.com and teaches social strategy on her YouTube channel.

Bridget Willard Social Media Marketing


Josh Pollock is the founder and creator of Caldera Forms & Caldera Forms Pro. His form plugin powers all the forms you will find on any ARC CTRL website.

He has been developing custom WordPress themes & plugins for many years. Josh is one of the most familiar face when it comes to WordPress and the REST API.

We are honored to have him as an ARC CTRL WordPress Development advisor

Lauren Prentice Jeffcoat

Lauren works on the support team for one of the most popular WordPress plugin and toolset companies, OnTheGo Systems, the company behind WPML.

With Lauren’s expertise of WPML, she has taught our advisors about how to best handle multi-lingual sites whether the site needs 2 languages or 10. Her understanding of WPML has helped us get through some tricky situations and find great solutions for business challenges.

We are happy to have Lauren as an advisor on our team!


Mike is an engineer at a Carleton University with a focus on WordPress and a master at deployment and DevOps.

Mike has taught us a lot about OOP coding principles, as well as infrastructure including the illusive multi-tenancy, which is great for large scale enterprise solutions.

We are honored to have him as an ARC CTRL WordPress DevOps & Development advisor