Parcel Fact

Parcel Fact was a fun build to work on, while most of the website was already pre-built upon my start into the project, I got free reign to build how / what I wanted, as long as it met a business need.

Membership Website

The model for Parcel Fact is awesome, it is a membership based website using a popular WordPress plugin. I was tasked with creating a new dashboard experience for those users that were signed up, and track the amount they were accessing certain API routes, each subscription was given a limit, and I had to make sure each user could only get to their limit monthly, which would reset every month.

Custom Angular UI

I built the custom user interface with Angular & ng-cli. It was a very fun project for me, as well as giving the business a very custom UI / UX for what typically would be a very formulaic and boring WordPress experience for those users.

I had to refactor half way through the project to go from Angular 2 to 4, but that was easy, the most painful part was setting up my local environment, but once that was done, ng-cli helped me work out the rest easily.

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