Los Angeles Based WordPress Design & Development

New WordPress Website

$2,000 + $99 per month
  • Customized WordPress Website
  • SSL & Monthly Security Checks
  • Maintenance & Updates
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Custom Development

$120 per Hour
  • Custom WordPress Plugins
  • PHP
  • ES6 JavaScript, Angular & React
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Grow Your Business

Starts at $499 per month
  • 1 -3 New engagements per day
  • Online brand management
  • Get more leads for your existing site
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Each project will receive a custom SCOPE OF WORK & PROPOSAL

A custom proposal expired after 30 days.


Maintenance, Support, & Hosting

Each project engaged comes with 2 months of support included in the price. Any issues that come up that relate directly to the work completed by ARC CTRL, INC. as per the scope of the project will be remedied. 

WordPress Maintenace & Hosting is a combined offering for all WordPress website projects.

WordPress Maintenance Plans Include

  • Updates to themes & plugins
  • Monthly Security Check
  • Monthly Performance Check & Report
  • Monthly Backup (daily backups available at additional cost)

WordPress Hosting

If you are in need to host your new or existing WordPress website, we can help. Included in your maintenance plan you'll get a performance hosting.

  • As your business grows - we will increase the size and power of your server to help mitigate any issues before they come up
  • App Stack - Performance & Security focused with cache'ing and the latest server technology
  • SSL Included - Make sure your website is secure from any hackers

WordPress Development

With all WordPress development you will receive a focused website that will help you meet your business goals. Whether you are looking to increase leads, or get more attention on a new product you have coming out, we can help cater a design and website to your needs.

Custom Code & Development

If you need something more custom than our starter package we can help build something bespoke to your needs. We will start with getting a SCOPE OF WORK done with you to clearly outline the objectives and goals of the project. 

All code will be modular and clean so that further development and maintenance will be easy.

We are happy to work with existing development teams to help you accomplish your project more quickly.

Is Social Media Marketing Needed?

Need is a strong word. No. You don’t need it. You also don’t need a website. But if you have a website and you aren’t publishing content on social media, then no one will find you. So, we’ll use the term loosely, but yes, every business needs a website and social.

Here are five reasons why you should implement social as part of your whole business strategy:

  1. Public Relations. Press Releases are so 1980. People want to know what’s happening at your company. Write a blog post, share on Twitter. Done. Next.
  2. Brand Awareness. Social media levels the playing field with big brands. Creating an audience of influencers instead of reaching out to influencers is a results-driven strategy. Instagram and Twitter are excellent for this.
  3. Relationship Building. No one buys a product without a relationship. They either have friends who buy the product (relationship) or they like the salesman (relationship) or their kids play soccer on the same team (relationship). All of the channels allow for commenting and social interaction. This written small talk is how relationships are built.
  4. Lead Generation. It’s awesome that you have a business and now a website but what is your call to action? What are people supposed to do? You have to ask them to contact you. Have a form, ask them to fill it out, and respond. It really is that simple.
  5. Market Research. Twitter is the best way to understand your audience. They are talking all day about everything that matters to them, whether it’s Alabama going to the national championships or the bad experience they had with their latte, your customers are talking. If you read their tweets, you’ll be able to build a persona that works -- because it’s accurate.